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Packaging and Storing Hops

Packaging and Storing Hops

Posted by Janet Thomas on

Now that you've harvested your hops and dried them out, you will want to make sure you preserve them for use at a later date.

Storing hops in small batches like 1-2 ounce freezer bags or airtight containers will be helpful. Smaller batches will allow you to only have to defrost the amount you need when using them in your next homebrew.

Once you’ve divided up your hops into airtight containers, remove as much air out of the containers as possible by compressing the hops to reduce any air pockets before sealing. Having oxygen in with your hops will contaminate them during storage. Store your hops for up to 6-8 months at room temperature. Because cold temperatures slow the oxidation process, hops will last several years in the freezer.

Happy harvesting from Lebanon Home Brew!